My Favorite Stores

After searching for stores that sell comfortable clothes, here are a few of my favorite places to shop! These stores always have comfortable fabric and good fits to allow movement and activity.

Forever XXI

For anyone who knows me…Forever XXI is my obsession! All the salesclerks already know me by name because I drop by so many times. But every time I drop by, I always seem to find something new! This place has a wide variety of styles from classy to hard rock so it caters to a lot of personalities.

Forever XXI also has great prices…which is ideal for a starving college student like myself! The quality however is not the best. I really recommend trying on their clothes to see if you are really comfortable in them.

Banana Republic 

A little pricier than Forever XXI, but nevertheless one of my favorite stores! I buy a lot of my staples there like tank tops and shirts because their fabric is supple and really allows the body to breath and move. Banana Republic is also great for more professional attire if you need to dress for interviews or work.

American Eagle ‘s Jeggings 

I hate jeans. I really do. They are all so tight and so stiff I feel like my legs are in prison. But! I still love the look of dark denim jeans so I go for jeggings! American Eagle has by far the comfiest jeggings I have ever wore! I sometimes wear them to sleep…They also have patterned jeggings to add some pop in regular denim styles!

Kohl’s Accessories 

I am not the biggest fan of Kohl’s clothes…but I love Kohl’s when it comes to jewelry. They always have sales so make sure to check the jewelry section when they do! I’ve gotten 70 dollar earrings for 15 dollars before!

Dillard’s Shoe Sections

I love departmental stores because they have all different types of designers so you are not limited! My favorite is the Dillard’s shoe section! They have the hugest variety of combat boots and heels that I have seen. They also carry a lot more designers than other departmental stores.


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