Fun Professional Look!

Let’s be frank here: I hate professional clothing.

You know those stereotypical images of women in Paris or New York wearing sharp blazers and fitted pants with high pumps, strutting down the street like Beyonce?

Yea. That’s not me– I look like a little awkward kid playing dress-up with her mother’s clothing– the times when we used to wear our parents’ big shoulder padded blazers, drape ourselves with our mothers’ jewelry and put lipstick all over our face? Yea. That level of awkward.

But, one of my classes this year requires me to dress professional (why life why?) I usually just try to ensure that I follow the dress code without giving much thought to how I really look–so I end up looking pretty ratchet.

But after seeing my awkward professional attire in the mirror for quite some time, I have decided to finally put more effort into choosing my professional clothing and came up with this fun professional look:

2014-10-12 15.50.37

2014-10-12 15.51.25

2014-10-12 15.49.39

2014-10-12 15.55.55

2014-10-12 15.46.29

2014-10-12 15.57.11

2014-10-12 15.54.31


Here are some tips in creating your own fun professional look!

1. Fedora! Fedoras can be worn for a cute and fun accessory. Just make sure to take it off before your professional event. This is actually my boyfriend’s hat. My head is too big for girl hats so I tend to buy mens hats. Forever 21 and H&M have really cute hats.

2. I like to pair patterns with a monotoned black blazer–gives it more ommph and a fun factor.

3. RED PANTS– I love these red pants–they’re still dress pants but the color gives the outfit an extra pop of color to give it a boost from that boring professional wear. H&M has really cute red dress pants (I just bought another pair this weekend!)

Et voila–a cute look that is both professional and fun!
2014-10-12 15.52.16

2014-10-12 15.39.21

2014-10-12 15.43.26

2014-10-12 15.47.56

2014-10-12 15.43.04

2014-10-12 15.57.52

2014-10-12 15.53.30

2014-10-12 15.48.59

2014-10-12 16.02.09

2014-10-12 15.59.19


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