Girls’ Day Out: A Vintage Look

So remember from my last post here I made a vow to not look ratchet?

Yea. That has been a struggle.
Three straight days of exams and quizzes and my will to not be ratchet has plummeted faster than bird poop falling onto a car.

Yes. I did just make that analogy.

But thankfully I have my wonderful and beautiful apartment mates to keep me on my toes. Instead of studying on a lovely and sunny afternoon, we actually decided to leave our books and go out for frappuccinos. It was no crazy girls night out, but it was sure a lovely girl’s day out.

My gorgeous friend dressed in a super classy outfit with a vintage feel. I decided to go for the same vibe and this is what I came up with:





My lovely apartment mate! Love her outfit:



Here are some tips in getting the same vintage looks for both outfits:


1. For my look, I went with simple cropped top and high-rise sailor shorts. Here is a really cute black cropped top that is similar to mine. These sailor shorts are also super cute!

2. My color palate is very neutral compared to my friend so I decided to add color on my lips. Try to go for a very bright red or fusia pink with this outfit.


3. For my friends look, go for bold and blocked colors by matching a deep red blouse with a navy blue skirt. Here is a really cute and preppy red blouse that will be good for not only this outfit but for others too. Try this skirt for a cute twist on the traditional pencil skirt. Finally, finish with a bold necklace like this one.

Et voila! Two different looks but with the same vintage vibe.










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