Sweet & Grungy: Cute School Look

…It has been way too long since my last post…

Being miles apart from my wonderful photographer really put a dent in my desire to post…as well as the laziness of summer.

But fret not! I am reunited with my beautiful and talented photographer and my laziness has disappeared thanks to school coming back to whip me up again.

I’m not going to lie–I looked pretty ratchet this summer. I mean…who needs to look good when you’re lying in bed all day, watching Netflix and stuffing your face with ice cream or fried chicken?

But after realizing wearing grease stained shirts and my boyfriend’s sweatpants just won’t cut it, I made a personal vow to start off this school year right:

I solemnly swear that I will not look ratchet.

And to keep up with my personal promise, I came up with a new look– I call it the sweet and grungy look. 

8 copy





Here are some ways you can also get the sweet and grungy look! 


1. Cute blouse that is light in color— I chose a sheer (gasp! scandalous me) baby pink long sleeved blouse. Try a blouse with collars for a more innocent look. This blouse here is super cute and could work well for the outfit! 

2. Leather shorts– To give this sweet and innocent look a kick, I added leather shorts instead of regular dress shorts or jean shorts. These leather shorts here are wickedly awesome (I would trade in my old ones for these!) 

3. Cute ankle booties— I think flats are too sweet. But combat boots can seem too rough. So I kind of went in the middle and tried these ankle booties. These were only 15 dollars at Forever XXI! (Perfect for broke college students like myself.)

Et Voila! Not only a perfect substitute for my ratchet summer clothing, but also suitable to look good when class starts!  





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