Vintage-Themed Wedding

I have a confession: I love weddings.

I might hate sappy korean dramas and cheesy flowers (but never chocolate…because who hates chocolate?), but there’s something about weddings that just makes me have a goofy smile on my face. Maybe its the vows, the bride’s dress, or maybe even the food (because let’s be honest here. Sometimes I do go to weddings only for the food.)

But this last wedding was very special not only because it was for the daughter of a dear family friend, but also because the theme was 1920’s/Gatsby–my favorite era!

I had a lot of fun dressing up for the wedding–I even made my puppy dress classy for the day. (She’s quiet the fashionista eh?)



Even though it was Gatsby themed, I didn’t want to seem too costume-ish, especially since it was for a wedding and not a halloween party. So I had to tone it down and this is what I came up with:




Here are some tips for dressing up for any vintage occasion–be it a wedding or just a fun party!



1. Choose a looser dress that hugs the hips instead of the waist. Many modern dresses clinch high in the waist but flapper dresses are looser and flare out on the bottom.


2. It was chilly when I left this early morning so I stole a vintage jacket from my mother (sh…don’t tell). This jacket from Ann Taylor is lightweight and perfect for chillier summer days. Try going for tweed jackets or retro prints.

3. I decided to curl my hair for a more vintage look because it makes my hair shorter and the style back then favored shorter bobs. Girls with long hair can try curly side-buns! You can also add a flapper headband to add more flare! I didn’t want to seem to costume-ish so I just added berets 🙂


Et voila–a vintage look for a Gatsby/1920’s themed wedding. Happy wishes to the new couple! =]


2014-05-24 22




Some pictures of the cuteness from the wedding!

The white decorations and flowers reminded me of the part where we first see Daisy surrounded by white curtains 🙂



Party favors: books! Such a creative idea 🙂




My puppy being bashful and hiding in the grass. She’s probably eyeing her crush. 😉




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