Looking Cute for Finals

I’m not going to lie. I have been looking pretty ratchet this last couple of weeks.

I mean…who’s really going to be paying attention to what I wear when finals are coming, right?


My good friend has already resorted to calling me “Ratchet” instead of my real name. That’s when I knew I needed to start finding cute and comfy clothes again.

This outfit was created after waking up late and having around 3 minutes to get ready and run to class. I just found the most comfortable shirt around and largest cardigan I could find with the most comfy sneakers. Not too shabby for under 3 minutes eh?











So with finals coming up, who has time to worry about what you’re going to wear? Instead, have these three basic items near at hand so you can just roll out of bed and go. (Perfect for lazy students like myself).



1. Most important aspect of this outfit: FIND THE LARGEST AND MOST COMFY CARDIGAN EVER. It will be the best purchase you make during hell week. (I sometimes use mine as a pillow…or blanket.) Here is the cardigan I am wearing! (I swear its one of the most comfy cardigans you will ever purchase.)

2. Go for a loose cropped top. Those are my go-to shirts for cute and comfy. Try this one for a cute floral pattern!

3. I chose looser shorts. Try these cute shorts! They are called “distressed shorts”…perfect for finals week in my opinion 😉

4. CUTE SNEAKERS. My mantra is that shoes are expressive! No matter how ratchet I look, I always try to wear cute sneakers. I wore high tops and then folded the tongue for a quirky look. Try these really cute floral high tops to match the floral shirt.


Et Voila! A cute look for finals that should leave you comfortable to study without looking like you just rolled out of bed (although in my case I did…)
always keep those 4 items at hand and you can have a fool proof outfit for whatever exam that comes up.

Good luck with exams everyone! 🙂








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