DIY: How to Make Your Own Snapbacks

Summer is finally here! I have been so lazy…I basically have been doing nothing. Like seriously…I just sit there sometimes and wonder if I should be doing something useful with my life like my other friends who are finding jobs or doing internships. But then I see my bed and my inner sloth comes out so I take a nap. When I wake up, it’s like the desire to do something productive never really existed.


Speaking of doing nothing…I haven’t posted in such a long time 😥
My photographer is currently partying it up on a cruise to Alaska (without me may I add.) Alas. What to do to keep the fashion inspirations going?

DIY fashion projects! 😀


I’m on a hiphop dance team and all the guys wear really cool snapbacks. They always look so cool it kinda makes me jealous. I have been searching stores and online for the perfect snapback but haven’t really been able to find a hat cool enough. So I decided to just make my own 🙂


1. Buy a plain snapback. I got mine from an Amazon search and it was dirt cheap. Also get some different sized permanent markers ranging from thin, medium and thick.



2. You can sketch out a design on paper before permanently drawing on the hat. I just YOLO-ed it and used a thin sharpie to sketch out a design.
I decided to design both the top and bottom of the bill just to give it a little oomph.



3. Use the medium size and thick size sharpies to fill out the design.



4. The sharpies don’t stand out as much expected despite being permanent. To really make the design pop out, I just went over the design with black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint.



5. Your hat is going to smell pretty bad–sharpie fumes and acrylic paint fumes don’t make a good combination. What I did was put a few laundry sheets along with the hat in a plastic bag and sealed it off for a couple of days to get rid of the fumes. When I took it out, it not only looked really great, but also smelled like fresh laundry 🙂


Et voila! A simple and easy DIY project to make your own snapback. 🙂

Happy summer everybody!



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