Cute Spring Look!

Spring is here–FINALLY! I was getting so sick of snow and cold weather…no joke.

I looked pretty ratchet these last few weeks due to my uninspiring wintery closet and all the exams and performances coming up. But today, it’s bright and sunny and I was inspired to stop this ratchet shenanigans and instead, put together a cute spring look!








Here is how you can add this cute spring look to your own closet 🙂



1. Opt for a cropped top for a summery/spring look. I like my cropped tops to not reveal too much in the chest area since it’s already revealing the mid-drift so that’s why I went for a high-necked cropped top. You can buy the same one here!

2. Go for a cute patterned high rise skirt! I added a belt to give the skirt a little pop. Here is a cute floral skirt that will go well with the cropped top!

3. I wanted to add a little edge to this really girly outfit so I wore boots instead of flats or sandals. But choose whatever shoes fits your mood!

Et Voila– a cute spring look that is comfortable for the warm weathers! 🙂






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