Turning Beach Cover-ups into Maxi Dresses

I love spring break: whether its going to the beach or chilling back home, I love getting away from the busy shenanigans at school 🙂

However, packing can be difficult because I like packing light (I sometimes stress so much about what to pack that I can spend hours staring at my closet…) To combat this, I like to pack random clothes that I can mix-n-match later. It’s actually kind of fun because you find so many other outfits while at it 😀

If you are going to the beach and need a cute street-wear outfit, save room in your suitcase and don’t bother packing an extra maxi dress; I found an awesome way to turn your beach cover up dresses into a cute and street-wearable maxi dress!







Here are some tips in turning a sheer beach cover-up into a cute dress to wear on the streets! 🙂


1. Instead of wearing a bikini underneath, layer a tight cami and leggings underneath. You can also wear black spanky shorts if it gets too hot but stick with same colors between the top and bottom.

2. Add accessories to make the dress seem more street-wearable. I did this with a cute scarf and combat boots!

Et voila: a cute way to transform a sheer beach coverup into a cute maxi dress to wear on the streets! Hope you guys enjoy your spring breaks 🙂







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