KStyle: A Look Inspired by Korean Fashion

Maybe its the sun finally poking out, but I’m kind of getting sick of my combat boots and leather jackets…I just want to wear summer dresses and ballet flats already–something a lot more feminine than my usual wintery wardrobe.

Whenever I want to dress more on the feminine side, I like to look at Korean fashion for my inspiration. Korean fashion is extremely girly and soft, utilizing lots of whites&pinks, lace, and skirts. So after searching through my closet (which currently looks like a black hole because of all my dark clothes), I came up with a more simple and feminine look inspired by korean fashion; a good change from my usual wintery outfits!






Here are some tips in creating your own looks inspired by Korean style!


 1. Korean fashion loves whites! This is hard for me since I’m used to more black clothing. However I combined the best of both worlds in a navy blue and white sweater.

2. Korean fashion also utilizes a lot of baby pinks. I chose to keep with this trend with a baby pink scarf.

3. SKIRTS. There are so many skirts and dresses in a typical Korean girl’s wardrobe. Match your skirt with some white opaque tights to keep the look girly and soft.


4. I chose white flats to go with white tights because the continuous color gives a visual effect of elongating your legs. Choose some flats with cute embellishments like bows or flowers for a feminine look!

Et, voila! A super feminine and sweet look inspired by Korean fashion–a good breath of fresh air after all the dark wintery clothes I have been wearing!







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