Valentines Day: A Look For Him & Her

I always get a little excited for Valentine’s day…especially since this holiday is probably the biggest celebration of chocolate ever to befall on mankind.

But I also find it hard to dress for such an occasion. Flying solo or spending the evening stuffing chocolate in your face with your significant other, I would want to be comfortable in either occasion but still look put together.

That is why in this post, I have come up with an comfortable yet fashionable outfit for both ladies and gentlemen–single or solo. :]






So, whether you are a guy or a girl, single or together, here are some tips in dressing comfortable and fashionable for Valentine’s day!

Pour Les Hommes 


1. Wear a dress shirt and skinny tie for a casual yet sharp look. Untuck the dress shirt so it doesn’t seem too stiff. Try to opt for skinny ties over regular ones because it gives it a cleaner look.

2. Instead of a regular suit jacket, substitute it with a boldly colored jacket. The red is perfect for Valentines day and the style of the jacket is casual and more comfortable that your average suit. Try this red jacket here!

3. For the shoes, wear some plaid colored sneakers for a classy yet comfortable look!

Pour Les Dames


1. For a cheesy night like this, I like to look more feminine than my daily wear. That is why I chose a colorful and flower printed dress. Here is a really cute lacy and feminine dress you can wear!

2. Wear a cardigan over it to keep warm! Add a belt in an accent color for a fun and modern twist.

3. I decided to pair my whole outfit with maroon boots, just to keep in with my color scheme. (And stayed away from heels so I wouldn’t fall flat on my face…)

Et voila! A look for both him and her, both single or together. Whether it’s to a party with friends or a quiet dinner with your date, these two looks will be both comfortable and fashionable.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone =]





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