Dressing Cute in the Snow

Snow– its so pretty and peaceful, perfect for staying at home in my PJs and drinking hot chocolate with a good book.

But sometimes, school authorities just don’t want to stay at home…(sometimes I think they probably even hate hot chocolate…) So what do they do? They ruin our hopes of canceling school and make us get out of our PJs to trudge through the freezing cold.

I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult to look fashionable in the snow without compromising warmth. Every time it snows, I just want to go out in my fleece PJs and a big marshmallow coat. But since I didn’t think that would be very appropriate to blog about, I decided to find a cute but WARM outfit for the snowy weather!







Here are some tips in creating your own cute and warm outfits!


 1. Stand out in the snow with a bright coat! Mine has a hood to keep the snow out of my face!


 2. Add a beanie to keep those ears warm and an infinity scarf for extra warmth!3 3. I found these awesome fuzzy-sneakers; they’re like Ugg boots but much more stylish! And they are great for walking in the snow (trust me…I tend to fall a lot and these have kept me on my feet even on icy days!)

Et voila! A cute and warm outfit for those snowy days. Even though schools are not canceled, at least you can look cute and WARM in the snow! 🙂






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