DIY Great Gatsby Top

Confession: I am a super huge nerd. Chemistry puns, literary jokes–I kinda love em all.

I also love clothes that incorporate books or famous quotes. One of my favorite books back in high school was Great Gatsby. I was looking at my book cover one day and I thought, that would an awesome shirt! So I bought some fabric paint, a 5 dollar cropped top from Forever XXI and painted it out. Not only was it fun to get artsy smartsy but, I now have an awesome shirt that satisfies my love for all things nerdy!






Designing your own shirt isn’t too difficult! All you need are some fabric paint (or acrylic!) and a shirt. I would also advise you to add some fabric medium to your paint so the shirt doesn’t stiffen up! There are a lot of other books besides Great Gatsby that would make amazing shirts like Catcher in the Rye or my favorite book, The Unbearable Lightness of Being!


After painting your own shirt, here are some extra tips in putting together an outfit!



Et voila! A cute outfit perfect for my obsession with all things nerdy and bookish. Not only was it fun to get all artsy smartsy, but I also now have a perfect outfit to wear to the coffee shop to do some light reading!







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