Spring Colors in the Winter

I don’t know about you…but I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia for the spring weather during all these wintery shenanigans.

Winter clothes tend to be darker (not complaining since black seems to be the only color I wear sometimes…)But! A little bit of color during these gloomy days doesn’t hurt so, I thought I would try bringing a little bit of spring colors to an otherwise gray and wintery day!

Note: For those who claim I only wear black…this is going to quiet the shocker! 🙂





So, here are some tips in bringing a little bit of spring into your winter wardrobe!


1. High-low sweater! High-low dresses were really in during the past spring and summer (see here for my post about recycling your high-low dresses for winter!) So I thought a high-low sweater will emulate the shape of the spring-ish dress. Also try for softer colors; I chose baby pink to emulate the color of pink flowers.

2. Give the soft look a punch of edginess with knee-high combat boots. These boots look amazing with both soft and edgy outfits!


3. Try finding a very soft pink scarf to emulate the colors of pink roses and to keep warm!

4. Wear a colorful jacket; Try to stick with pastel colors for a softer look.


5. For accessories, I wanted to emulate the morning dew so I chose to have baby blue earrings.

Et voila! Even though the wintery weather is gray and cold,  you can now add some spring colors to brighten any day up.






Jacket & Sweater: Forever XXI

Scarf: Ann Taylor

Boots: Dillard’s


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