Good Girl or Bad Girl?

When it comes to fashion, I think I might be bipolar: one day I’m wearing a sweet and innocent white sweater with lace and then the next day I’m sporting chains and a leather jacket.

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could combine the two, sort of like a “good girl gone bad” look. The punches of edginess in this otherwise elegant outfit really offer fun surprises that give the whole look a more 3D aspect:






 Here are some tips in creating your own edgy good-girl look!


1. For the sweet and innocent look, find a white blouse with a white sweater. The double layers of white really gives an angelic look, making it a great palate for contrasting with edgier clothes. Try stores like Banana Republic or Ann Taylor for this style.

2. Now to add some edgy coolness, wear black leather shorts over tights! Leather will give the elegant top a more gritty look. Here are some cute high-rise leather shorts!


 3. Since you are already wearing leather shorts, try to wear a moto jacket made out of another material for both a chic and edgy factor. Try this chic jacket made of chiffon!


4. Ear-cuffs are my new obsession! I found these really cool ear-cuffs that are crosses! This ear cuff here is a perfect combination of innocence and edginess.

Et Voila– A look that combines elegance and edginess to give the whole look a more 3D effect! Good girl or bad girl– combine them both so you don’t have to choose 😉







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