Comfy (& Warm!) New Years Look

Although New Years always brings along fun festivities and great memories, it also brings along a question that I have trouble answering each year: What should I wear?

Winter holiday parties are the most difficult to dress comfortably for; what is “in” consists of short dresses that make me freeze to death, tight dresses that refuse to let me stuff my face (let alone breathe), and dresses loaded with so many sequins and glitter that they scratch my skin and make me cough up sparkles.

I want to enjoy an evening with friends and family comfortably —not fighting a dress that scratches and suffocates me. However, I  still want an outfit that is chic and stylish when the clock strikes midnight. How to solve this paradox?

After hauling at least 10 lbs of clothes to the dressing room to try on at my beloved Forever XXI,  I think I found an answer: forget the freezing and suffocating dresses and instead, go with a comfortable outfit that relies on style and chicness in order to stand out. Even though an outfit like this might be slightly underdressed when compared to the glittery counterparts, it will still make you stand out: by being more comfortable, you’ll enjoy the evening much more and, everyone will be focusing on you and not an over-the-top dress!






Here are some tips in creating your own comfy (& warm!) New Years outfit!


1.  Glitter and sequins can look great for a  new years dress because they can make you stand out! However they also make the fabric scratchy and  uncomfortable. In order to be comfortable without compromising that wow-factor, substitute with fun patterns. I stuck with stripes for a chic look! Here is a dress with retro-printed squares for a mod look while this dress gives some really quirky patterns.

2. To make the outfit stand out even more, add red tights and a red belt. The color red is perfect for the winter festivities and is bold enough to make great accents. The tights also makes the outfit perfect for the colder weather!

3. I usually don’t wear a lot of jewelry so I decided to vamp it up by adding strings of pearls. The multi-strings give the whole look a more glam yet classy feel.


4. In order to be warm, add an outer layer! I wanted to go with a more classy feel so I went with a sleek black blazer. However a black leather jacket also looks great and will give an edgier look! This leather jacket here goes great with dresses because it is short-length and offers a chic factor!

5. Add booties for warmer heels! Most of you know I cannot walk in heels. However booties with thicker heels or wedged booties are actually comfortable and easy to walk in! (Trust me…I have had my fair share of falls due to heels!) Try finding booties with embellishments on them for an extra touch!

Et voila! An outfit that will not only allow you to feel comfortable but also allow you to look stylish & chic when entering the new year! Although it does not offer the glitz and glam that a sparkly tight and short dress offers, the simplicity and comfort of this outfit will definitely make anyone stand out!

Cheers to a comfy (& warm!) New Years everyone! :]







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