Everyday Look for Men: Inspired by European Street Fashion

If you ever went shopping with me, you probably know about my obsession with men’s clothing; I don’t think I can pass an Express Mens store without going in and gawking at all the classiness happening in one room.

Not only is men’s fashion extremely classy (when assembled correctly!) but it is also extremely comfortable–the jackets, the sweaters, even the skinny jeans are a lot more comfortable than women’s clothing because they are looser and allow for more movement.

The best of men’s fashion happens in the street of Europe; the quotidian European man  has figured out the best way to rock comfort and class. After gawking (and somewhat drooling…) at the men’s  fashion I saw during my many trips to France, I have put together a look  inspired by men’s street fashion in Paris that is both functional and classy:





So for all the men out there, here are some tips in putting together an outfit inspired by European street fashion that is both functional and classy!


1. Try for a sweater that has blocks of colors to add contrast in an outfit. My friend here had a blocked sweater with maroon and grey (a great color combination!) If you don’t have blocked sweaters, printed sweaters are also nice! Here is one that has a really fun print.

2. SCARVES. Not going to lie. I drool over a man in a scarf. Man scarves add class to any outfit and give warmth in the chillier weather. Try for more neutral colors like grey, black or navy blue.


3. A short-cut jacket is great for this outfit! My friend here had an awesome jacket with leather sleeves; this really gives the traditional coat a great twist of modernity and a more edgy look. Here is a great jacket with leathered sleeves!

4. Men (and women!) in Paris rarely wear light denim. Stick to darker denims for a more classy look.


5. Add a beanie hat for a fun accessory. Also keeps you warm in the freezing winter!

Et voila! A comfortable and fashionable look for all you good looking men out there. Studying at the library, chilling at the movies, or even impressing that someone special on a date–this look is so comfortable and versatile it can be worn any place, any time!

Special thanks to my fashionable friend for modeling!







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