Surviving Finals Week…with Style.

“If I fail, I fail in style”

That has and will always be my motto when it comes to exam days. No matter what exam–organic chemistry to music theory– I always make sure to look my best on exam days for an extra boost of confidence!





But alas. Who has the energy to look cute on exam day when the prospect of failure is making us want to curl up in a ball and eat fries and milkshakes all day?

I believe I have found an answer to that paradox; here are a few tips on looking your best on exam days so you can have an extra boost of confidence when acing that test!


1. Choose a loose-fitted top! I decided on a loose cropped turtle-neck shirt. Cropped tops are great because they are really loose around the chest area, making breathing easier. Also the turtle-neck helps keep you warm in case the testing center is chilly!

2.For a nerdy touch to help you ace that exam, choose a preppy oxford cardigan! Testing places can be cold so it’s nice to layer up! Try this cardigan for an vintage-school look!

3. Choose bottoms that are comfortable. For those who know me, I HATE JEANS. Leggings therefore are my savior. My leggings are fleece lined and feel like PJ’s! You can buy them at local drugstores for only 10 dollars!


4. I recently came across ear-cuff earrings and they are wonderful for exam days! I always feel like my hair is always in the way during exams so I pin it up. These earrings really stand out when my hair is pinned up and they go great with pony-tails for longer hair. These ear-cuff earrings are also edgy, giving a perfect sense of confidence for that exam!


5. My mantra: Shoes scream personality. (Is it bad that I sometimes judge people by their shoes?…) Anyways! What better way than to march in an exam with confidence, than to walk in with edgy red combat boots? The unique color will give a sense of confidence while the stylistic aspect of these boots will give a sense of power to ace that final! Journeys and Shi has really cute maroon boots!

Et voila! A confident and strong look that still maintains a nerdy factor to help you ace that final; now you can have that extra boost of confidence when taking that exam!

And even if you are done with exams (congratulations!), this outfit is still so comfortable and chic that it can be worn during post-exam activities like chilling with friends or taking some nice & peaceful time for yourself!




MYXJ_20131210133647_save MYXJ_20131210133759_save


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