Fashionable Sweats: How to Dress Up Your Hoodies

I always make sure to look my best when I go out in public; as my fashion idol Coco Chanel once said, “you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”

However if you see me in my natural habitat at home, that’s another story: hoodies, man-sweats, no makeup (I sometimes feel bad for my apartment mates who have to see the true bum I am…)

But the best part about dressing up and bumming is that I love finding ways to do both: dressing up my sweats or making my daytime outfits feel like sweats, I need to feel comfortable in my own clothes. That idea led me to this new look: a fashionable hoodie outfit! Some simple tricks like making a hoodie more fitted and pairing with cute accessories transforms a regular  hoodie into a really cute and comfy outfit!





Here are some tips in making your own hoodies more fashionable!


1. Make your hoodies more fitted by tying it in the back with a rubber band or any hair tie  and tucking the tail underneath. I decided to make my hoodie  clinch my waist for a sharper look. This simple trick can turn any baggy hoodie into something more fitted!

2. Since I shortened my hoodie, I decided to wear a long cami underneath to balance it.


3. To really dress up your hoodie, add a leather jacket over! The leather jacket gives the whole look a more polished look but yet, maintains a cool factor. I decided on a leather jacket with a bigger collar to balance my hood in the back. This peek-a-boo leather jacket is super cute and will go well with lots of hoodies!


4. To make this outfit complete, ACCESSORIZE. Accessories will make this simple and plain outfit more polished and put-together. I first accessorized with fun Nike high-tops I got in China. You can also try Converse high tops or any cute sneakers! To make it even more fun, add some brightly colored socks; I wore bright pink ones!

Another accessory that is  a must with this outfit are earrings! Try to opt for some big and bold earrings!

Finally, add a cute purse as an accessory. I decided to go with a black & white purse to match my black&white Nikes.


Et voila! A simple way of making a baggy hoody into a fashionable outfit! Now you can get the best of both worlds: being comfortable and being ready for that date with destiny.


MYXJ_20131115165131_save 20131115_161804 20131115_162814    MYXJ_20131115165212_save MYXJ_20131115165342_save


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