Sweet & Simple–a look inspired by cupcakes!

Lately, I have been having a really big sweet tooth– cookies, muffins, CAKE!!– maybe it’s the post-midterm feeling of relief or just my huge appetite, but I have been shamelessly eating them all.

In the midst of stuffing my face with all these deliciousness, I realized that a cupcake would make a great outfit! Just think about it: the white frosting, the cream colored cake batter, the pleated cupcake liner– the colors and the structure of a cupcake is a great outline for a sweet and simple outfit:





After studying the cupcake structure (aka stuffing my face with cupcakes….) I have figured out how to emulate the basic features of a sweet cupcake to create a sweet look! Here are some tips in creating your own cupcake inspired outfit!


1. For the sprinkles, layer a polka-dotted polo underneath! The polka dots not only emulate the sprinkles on a cupcake, but also give the look a more cute and fun feel!

2. For the icing, choose a cream or white colored sweater that is made of a supple and soft material. This sweater here is super cute; the zipper also adds a punch to the sweet and light color!


3. For the skirt, try to find a pleated skirt to emulate the pleats in a cupcake liner! The pleats also give a more flirty and fun feel to the whole outfit.

4. Finally, choose white tights! White tights give the whole outfit a more naive and simple look to it, a perfect accessory to emulate the sweetness of a cupcake!


Et voila! A look inspired by my shameless sweet tooth! This cupcake inspired outfit really creates a sweet and simple look–perfect for a coffee date or a hangout with your friends at the local pastry shop!


     IMG-20131108-WA0003 IMG-20131108-WA0000


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