Comfy Study Date

As the semester is coming to a close with finals just around the corner, don’t you just want to shamelessly hide in hoodies and sweatpants, sans make-up and sulk in the misery that you’re about to face?

I know I do.

But instead of surrendering to my sweats that were looking pretty tempting on my exam day, I was instead inspired by the general structure of hoodies and sweatpants to create a super comfortable yet stylish. This look therefore emulates the comfort we get from sweats, but still looks chic—perfect for the end of the semester!




Here are some tips in creating your own pseudo-sweats look to make you feel like your wearing sweats, but looks a lot more chic:


1. Instead of a regular loose t-shirt, choose instead a flowy cropped top. The looser fit will allow your body to breathe and make it feel much more comfortable when you are busy studying. My cropped top was actually my mom’s when she was my age. Love vintage clothes!

2. Instead of sweat pants, pair the cropped top with a high rise skater skirt. The skater skirt drapes around your body instead of binding it so its a lot more comfortable and has the same loose structure as sweat pants. Also, try for a high-rise skirt so you don’t show too much skin while wearing a cropped top. Try this cute skater skirt!

3. For the shoes, comfortable boots look really cute with this look; it gives it a more boho-laid back look! You can always wear combat boots or booties. My boots are super comfortable despite being high-heeled. I actually got them near the older women’s section so the heel doesn’t feel like I am walking on toothpicks!


4. Finally, instead of a hoodie, try a high-low cardigans (also called shawl cardigans).  These are super comfortable because they are so loose fitted! They also look great with a cropped top/ skirt look. Here is a really cute cardigan for a great price!

Et voila! A perfect look that feels like you are wearing sweats, but looks so much more stylish—who said you couldn’t look fashionable during exam weeks?



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