City & Graffiti Inspired Fashion

It’s been two weeks since my last post! But I have good reason for being MIA: I went back to visit home! It was such a great feeling to be with family. Plus they knew exactly what I wanted to do right after I got off my plane: shopping.

Yes, I probably spent most of my money and yes, I will most likely be living off of cheerios for a month or two. But it was totally worth it because now I get to share more tips in dressing stylish and comfortable!

On the plane ride back home, I was really inspired by the architecture of the city buildings and just how sharp and modern the skyline was. I wanted to find an outfit that had the same sharp and modern feel so I came up with this outfit:




Here are some tips in creating an outfit that is not only modern and sharp, but also super comfortable!


1. For the top, opt for bold and thick stripes instead thin stripes for a more modern look. Also choose more neutral colors for a more simple and clean look.



2. For the bottom, try a more fitted pants. Skinny dark denim would work great but I decided to go for leggings (they’re also more comfortable!) My leggings have really cute zipper pockets to give a more industrial feel. This pair of legging has cute buttons that  would also work well with this look.

3. I decided on red shoes because I saw a lot of red graffiti on the city buildings. Also, the pop of bold color really gives a neutral palate like this one a bold look.

Et voila! A look inspired by the architectural landscape of the city: clean cut lines to represent the stark skyline with a pop of color that represents all the boldly colored graffiti.






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