High-Low Dresses…in the cold?

As the weather gets colder and the skies get grayer, I just want to curl up in sweatpants and hoodies…and hibernate. I sometimes find it difficult to dress comfortably in the colder seasons.  Clothing for the colder seasons are more restricting– unlike the light summer clothes that allow the body to freely move and breathe, fall and winter clothes like cumbersome coats and clunky boots can be bulky and add extra weight to the body, decreasing comfort level. That is why I love finding new ways to recycle my looser and lighter summer clothes for the chillier weather.

One of my favorite summer clothing to recycle is a high-low dress. These are really in right now and the fluidity of the dress really makes a comfortable fit. The light fabric also doesn’t make me feel to bulky and give me the ability to move and go about my day.



Here are some pointers on how to wear your summer high-low dresses…even when its only 40 degrees outside!


1. Sheer and fluid high-low dresses really work well with this outfit. Click here for some cute dresses! Wear leggings under your high-low dresses for warmth. I opted for black leggings to pair with my cream-colored dress but choose your own colors that you feel will match well!

2. I love juxtaposing soft and hard looks; wear combat boots to give a little attitude to the softer layers of the dress.


3. For the top, wear a cropped sweater over the dress; try to find a cropped sweater so it does not interfere with the fluidity of the skirt. Here are some cute cropped sweaters! This one gives a more preppier feel while the textures on this gives a more boho chic look.

If your colors are a bit monotoned, add a bit of personality with a patterned scarf! My scarf has asymmetrical stripes to really give a pop in an otherwise neutral palate.

4. Finally, add a beanie hat for a cute boho-chic look.

Et voila! An easy and lightweight outfit for the colder weathers to come. Pair with a cup of hot cocoa or some tea and you have a cozy yet classy outfit.

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