Comfy Parisian: The Blasé Blazer Look

You know the stereotypical image of the classic Parisian woman sitting in a cafe, smoking a cigarette with that nonchalant attitude? Its all true.

I went to Paris over the summer and was awed by the blasé yet elegant fashion there. Simple cardigans with a scarf, monotone dresses with two toned shoes, collared shirts with ballet flats–everything they wore had a simple and functional appeal that really allowed them to move and be active in such a lively city.

One fashion motif  that I found extremely apparent in Paris was the blazer motif: many girls sported a dark blazer with a simple shirt underneath and dark denim jeans. The whole look was so sharp yet it looked comfortable as well!


final1 copy

So today, I decided to try the blasé blazer look. Here are some tips that I realized in working this outfit:


1. Make sure you choose a comfortable blazer because some blazers are stiff and restricting. My blazer is made from jersey so it is soft and supple. You can get really comfortable blazers at Forever XXI and especially at New York & Co.

To add a bit of contrast to the outfit, opt for a patterned shirt underneath! I decided for a striped shirt underneath to add a little bit of surprise under all the monotone colors.


2. Since it is starting to get chilly (yay fall!) I added a neutral colored beige and gold infinity scarf. It is best to wear an infinity scarf with the blazer because it allows the collars to be seen and, it doesn’t add too many layers around the front that could be distracting.

3. I like to pick neutral palates (my whole closet seems a bit depressing sometimes…) but to make up for that subtle colors, I like to make my lips stand out with a touch of bright rouge lipstick!


4. A blazer can feel a little too professional. How do we make the look more laid-back? Simple trick that I learned: fold the sleeves back! Folding the sleeves back 1/4 up gives the look the whole “blasé” look that many Parisian women have.

5. Pair this outfit with DARK DENIM. Darker jeans give the look a more classy feel. Also, lighter denim could contrast too much with the dark blazer.

6. Try to make the look cohesive by matching different parts of the outfit. For example, I chose to match my striped shirt with striped ballet flats. Allowing an outfit to have reoccurring motifs really pulls the look together.

Et voila! A comfy outfit pieced together that not only allowed me to sit comfortably for two exams and a 3-hour rehearsal, but also gave me that confidence and blasé aura that Parisian women sported. All I need now is a cup of espresso and a nice café to sit at.




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