American Horror Story Inspired Fashion

I am not a fan of scary things: I don’t watch horror movies and I definitely keep away from haunted trails (also because I punched a clown in the face one time…so I guess I technically wasn’t allowed back).

But my photographer, an American-Horror-Story-addict, wanted to do a photo shoot with American Horror Story inspired fashion. After listening to the soundtrack (which creeped me out so much I literally wanted to cry) I noticed that the happier and the more child-like songs, like carnival songs, had a creepier effect.

So that’s where I got my inspiration; by combining baby-doll like dresses with some darker accessories, I got the creepiness that my photographer wanted. Here’s the final effect!








2014-11-06 18.29.13

Heres how to get the look!

1. Buy a fit and flare dress with a baby doll look. I know forever21 has a lot. Check this one out for a lacey dress.

2. Layer a polo or collared shirt underneath for a more baby doll look. If you don’t have one of those, try for a Peter Pan dress like this one.

3. Wear dark boots instead of flats. My blood-red boots gives the whole outfit a darker tone.

Et voila! An outfit inspired by American Horror Story. Creeped out much?








DSC_0986  DSC_0988


Fun Professional Look!

Let’s be frank here: I hate professional clothing.

You know those stereotypical images of women in Paris or New York wearing sharp blazers and fitted pants with high pumps, strutting down the street like Beyonce?

Yea. That’s not me– I look like a little awkward kid playing dress-up with her mother’s clothing– the times when we used to wear our parents’ big shoulder padded blazers, drape ourselves with our mothers’ jewelry and put lipstick all over our face? Yea. That level of awkward.

But, one of my classes this year requires me to dress professional (why life why?) I usually just try to ensure that I follow the dress code without giving much thought to how I really look–so I end up looking pretty ratchet.

But after seeing my awkward professional attire in the mirror for quite some time, I have decided to finally put more effort into choosing my professional clothing and came up with this fun professional look:

2014-10-12 15.50.37

2014-10-12 15.51.25

2014-10-12 15.49.39

2014-10-12 15.55.55

2014-10-12 15.46.29

2014-10-12 15.57.11

2014-10-12 15.54.31


Here are some tips in creating your own fun professional look!

1. Fedora! Fedoras can be worn for a cute and fun accessory. Just make sure to take it off before your professional event. This is actually my boyfriend’s hat. My head is too big for girl hats so I tend to buy mens hats. Forever 21 and H&M have really cute hats.

2. I like to pair patterns with a monotoned black blazer–gives it more ommph and a fun factor.

3. RED PANTS– I love these red pants–they’re still dress pants but the color gives the outfit an extra pop of color to give it a boost from that boring professional wear. H&M has really cute red dress pants (I just bought another pair this weekend!)

Et voila–a cute look that is both professional and fun!
2014-10-12 15.52.16

2014-10-12 15.39.21

2014-10-12 15.43.26

2014-10-12 15.47.56

2014-10-12 15.43.04

2014-10-12 15.57.52

2014-10-12 15.53.30

2014-10-12 15.48.59

2014-10-12 16.02.09

2014-10-12 15.59.19

Farewell Summer: One Last Summery Dress

Last week’s weather was awful– it was cold, gray, raining– I was so sad that summery weather was leaving me.

BUT! This weekend the sun poked out. I decided to take this last chance before it gets all chilly again to wear my favorite summer dress–a sort of farewell to the warm weather.

(By the way: If you need inspiration to recycle your high-low summer dresses for the fall and winter, check out this post here!)






This look is very simple to put together!

1 1. Wear your favorite summery sheer high low dress. Sheer fabrics are more soft and flowing so it will look great in the sun. This lacy dress here isn’t a high low dress but the shape and texture would be beautiful outside in the sun!

2. I decided to keep my accessories simple–I only added a simple necklace with a tear-shaped crystal.

Et voila! Very simple and very comfortable to enjoy the last sunny and warm weather before fall hits!




Girls’ Day Out: A Vintage Look

So remember from my last post here I made a vow to not look ratchet?

Yea. That has been a struggle.
Three straight days of exams and quizzes and my will to not be ratchet has plummeted faster than bird poop falling onto a car.

Yes. I did just make that analogy.

But thankfully I have my wonderful and beautiful apartment mates to keep me on my toes. Instead of studying on a lovely and sunny afternoon, we actually decided to leave our books and go out for frappuccinos. It was no crazy girls night out, but it was sure a lovely girl’s day out.

My gorgeous friend dressed in a super classy outfit with a vintage feel. I decided to go for the same vibe and this is what I came up with:





My lovely apartment mate! Love her outfit:



Here are some tips in getting the same vintage looks for both outfits:


1. For my look, I went with simple cropped top and high-rise sailor shorts. Here is a really cute black cropped top that is similar to mine. These sailor shorts are also super cute!

2. My color palate is very neutral compared to my friend so I decided to add color on my lips. Try to go for a very bright red or fusia pink with this outfit.


3. For my friends look, go for bold and blocked colors by matching a deep red blouse with a navy blue skirt. Here is a really cute and preppy red blouse that will be good for not only this outfit but for others too. Try this skirt for a cute twist on the traditional pencil skirt. Finally, finish with a bold necklace like this one.

Et voila! Two different looks but with the same vintage vibe.









Sweet & Grungy: Cute School Look

…It has been way too long since my last post…

Being miles apart from my wonderful photographer really put a dent in my desire to post…as well as the laziness of summer.

But fret not! I am reunited with my beautiful and talented photographer and my laziness has disappeared thanks to school coming back to whip me up again.

I’m not going to lie–I looked pretty ratchet this summer. I mean…who needs to look good when you’re lying in bed all day, watching Netflix and stuffing your face with ice cream or fried chicken?

But after realizing wearing grease stained shirts and my boyfriend’s sweatpants just won’t cut it, I made a personal vow to start off this school year right:

I solemnly swear that I will not look ratchet.

And to keep up with my personal promise, I came up with a new look– I call it the sweet and grungy look. 

8 copy





Here are some ways you can also get the sweet and grungy look! 


1. Cute blouse that is light in color— I chose a sheer (gasp! scandalous me) baby pink long sleeved blouse. Try a blouse with collars for a more innocent look. This blouse here is super cute and could work well for the outfit! 

2. Leather shorts– To give this sweet and innocent look a kick, I added leather shorts instead of regular dress shorts or jean shorts. These leather shorts here are wickedly awesome (I would trade in my old ones for these!) 

3. Cute ankle booties— I think flats are too sweet. But combat boots can seem too rough. So I kind of went in the middle and tried these ankle booties. These were only 15 dollars at Forever XXI! (Perfect for broke college students like myself.)

Et Voila! Not only a perfect substitute for my ratchet summer clothing, but also suitable to look good when class starts!  




Vintage-Themed Wedding

I have a confession: I love weddings.

I might hate sappy korean dramas and cheesy flowers (but never chocolate…because who hates chocolate?), but there’s something about weddings that just makes me have a goofy smile on my face. Maybe its the vows, the bride’s dress, or maybe even the food (because let’s be honest here. Sometimes I do go to weddings only for the food.)

But this last wedding was very special not only because it was for the daughter of a dear family friend, but also because the theme was 1920’s/Gatsby–my favorite era!

I had a lot of fun dressing up for the wedding–I even made my puppy dress classy for the day. (She’s quiet the fashionista eh?)



Even though it was Gatsby themed, I didn’t want to seem too costume-ish, especially since it was for a wedding and not a halloween party. So I had to tone it down and this is what I came up with:




Here are some tips for dressing up for any vintage occasion–be it a wedding or just a fun party!



1. Choose a looser dress that hugs the hips instead of the waist. Many modern dresses clinch high in the waist but flapper dresses are looser and flare out on the bottom.


2. It was chilly when I left this early morning so I stole a vintage jacket from my mother (sh…don’t tell). This jacket from Ann Taylor is lightweight and perfect for chillier summer days. Try going for tweed jackets or retro prints.

3. I decided to curl my hair for a more vintage look because it makes my hair shorter and the style back then favored shorter bobs. Girls with long hair can try curly side-buns! You can also add a flapper headband to add more flare! I didn’t want to seem to costume-ish so I just added berets 🙂


Et voila–a vintage look for a Gatsby/1920’s themed wedding. Happy wishes to the new couple! =]


2014-05-24 22




Some pictures of the cuteness from the wedding!

The white decorations and flowers reminded me of the part where we first see Daisy surrounded by white curtains 🙂



Party favors: books! Such a creative idea 🙂




My puppy being bashful and hiding in the grass. She’s probably eyeing her crush. 😉



Looking Cute for Finals

I’m not going to lie. I have been looking pretty ratchet this last couple of weeks.

I mean…who’s really going to be paying attention to what I wear when finals are coming, right?


My good friend has already resorted to calling me “Ratchet” instead of my real name. That’s when I knew I needed to start finding cute and comfy clothes again.

This outfit was created after waking up late and having around 3 minutes to get ready and run to class. I just found the most comfortable shirt around and largest cardigan I could find with the most comfy sneakers. Not too shabby for under 3 minutes eh?











So with finals coming up, who has time to worry about what you’re going to wear? Instead, have these three basic items near at hand so you can just roll out of bed and go. (Perfect for lazy students like myself).



1. Most important aspect of this outfit: FIND THE LARGEST AND MOST COMFY CARDIGAN EVER. It will be the best purchase you make during hell week. (I sometimes use mine as a pillow…or blanket.) Here is the cardigan I am wearing! (I swear its one of the most comfy cardigans you will ever purchase.)

2. Go for a loose cropped top. Those are my go-to shirts for cute and comfy. Try this one for a cute floral pattern!

3. I chose looser shorts. Try these cute shorts! They are called “distressed shorts”…perfect for finals week in my opinion 😉

4. CUTE SNEAKERS. My mantra is that shoes are expressive! No matter how ratchet I look, I always try to wear cute sneakers. I wore high tops and then folded the tongue for a quirky look. Try these really cute floral high tops to match the floral shirt.


Et Voila! A cute look for finals that should leave you comfortable to study without looking like you just rolled out of bed (although in my case I did…)
always keep those 4 items at hand and you can have a fool proof outfit for whatever exam that comes up.

Good luck with exams everyone! 🙂







DIY: How to Make Your Own Snapbacks

Summer is finally here! I have been so lazy…I basically have been doing nothing. Like seriously…I just sit there sometimes and wonder if I should be doing something useful with my life like my other friends who are finding jobs or doing internships. But then I see my bed and my inner sloth comes out so I take a nap. When I wake up, it’s like the desire to do something productive never really existed.


Speaking of doing nothing…I haven’t posted in such a long time 😥
My photographer is currently partying it up on a cruise to Alaska (without me may I add.) Alas. What to do to keep the fashion inspirations going?

DIY fashion projects! 😀


I’m on a hiphop dance team and all the guys wear really cool snapbacks. They always look so cool it kinda makes me jealous. I have been searching stores and online for the perfect snapback but haven’t really been able to find a hat cool enough. So I decided to just make my own 🙂


1. Buy a plain snapback. I got mine from an Amazon search and it was dirt cheap. Also get some different sized permanent markers ranging from thin, medium and thick.



2. You can sketch out a design on paper before permanently drawing on the hat. I just YOLO-ed it and used a thin sharpie to sketch out a design.
I decided to design both the top and bottom of the bill just to give it a little oomph.



3. Use the medium size and thick size sharpies to fill out the design.



4. The sharpies don’t stand out as much expected despite being permanent. To really make the design pop out, I just went over the design with black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint.



5. Your hat is going to smell pretty bad–sharpie fumes and acrylic paint fumes don’t make a good combination. What I did was put a few laundry sheets along with the hat in a plastic bag and sealed it off for a couple of days to get rid of the fumes. When I took it out, it not only looked really great, but also smelled like fresh laundry 🙂


Et voila! A simple and easy DIY project to make your own snapback. 🙂

Happy summer everybody!


How to Rock Harem Pants

Harem pants are totally in right now! Everywhere on campus I see a lot of girls sporting awesome harem pants; Tribal printed, dotted, plain harems–they give an outfit a retro and cool factor. But the best thing about harem pants?

no joke. They are probably more comfortable than sweat pants. (confession: I might have worn them as pajamas once or more…)





So besides wearing them as a pj bottoms, here is a way to rock harem pants 🙂



1. Plain cropped top– My harem pants are tribal printed so I decided to go for  a plain cropped top. If your harem pants are plain, go for a patterned cropped top. Try to stay away from pattern on pattern–it can get too busy and distract the attention from your awesome and groovy pants. Try this cropped top for a simple color but bold look!

2. Printed Harem pants– I tend to like printed harem pants more than plain ones because they look more funky. Try these harem pants! They’re bold in both color and print 🙂

3. Neutral Wedges– I wanted to keep my accessories basic so I chose to go with Ralph Lauren gold wedges. Go for neutral flats or neutral wedges to make your pants stand out! Try these cute wedges here!


Et voila– a groovy and funky yet comfortable look. Harem pants are probably my new favorite pants this summer 🙂










How to Make Bustier Tops Wearable for Class

I love wearing cropped tops and bustiers, especially when the weather is so warm and sunny like it is now! However sometimes I feel really exposed, especially when I wear them to class and have to talk to professors…awkward. But there are so many cute tops coming out this summer! Struggles.

So because I cannot give up my love of cropped tops but yet still do not want to feel awkward when conversing with higher intellectuals in a somewhat revealing top, I decided to come up with an outfit that gives me the best of both worlds!









Here are some tips in creating your own comfy and not so revealing look! 🙂


1. Choose a fun bustier or cropped top that is somewhat tight fitting. Try this bustier here for a cute halter style!

2. Wear a high waisted skirt. I chose an A-line skirt for a classier feel. I also wanted to wear something longer to balance out the more revealing top.  Try this high rise a-line skirt here.

Et voila– a way to make your bustiers more classroom appropriate in a cute and classy way! 🙂